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Blackjack Game Composition Dependent strategy

Composition Dependent Blackjack Strategy

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The Composition-dependent Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Game is perhaps the only game where you can actually make a few extra bucks if you play with a good strategy. If you are playing Blackjack for some time now, you probably have heard a thing or two about the basic Blackjack strategy. It tells you what action to take after comparing your hand total with the dealer’s up card. Some players don’t consider this a very effective strategy. According to them, the basic strategy takes into account only the hand total and not the Blackjack cards that contribute to that hand total. The composition-dependent Blackjack strategy looks at the cards as well and suggests appropriate actions on that basis.


To give you a better idea, consider the hand total of 12. According to the Blackjack basic strategy, if your hand total is 12 and the dealer’s up card is 4, you should stand. But, according to the composition-dependent strategy, you should have a look at the cards that make the hand total and then take appropriate actions. Taking the same hand total, 12, if the cards that make that hand are 10 and 2, you should hit. According to the composition-dependent Blackjack strategy, this composition of cards is appropriate for a hit, not a stand. If your hand total is 12 but the cards are 9 and 3, 8 and 4, or 7 and 5, you should stand. Similarly more actions are suggested on different hand combinations.

One thing though, the Blackjack composition-dependent strategy works best under a unique set of rules including single deck, dealer stands on soft 17, dealer peaks for Blackjack, player can only split once, player can double after split, one card dealt on split Aces, and no surrender. When applied properly, the Blackjack composition-dependent strategy can give you a 0.1541% advantage over the casino. And that can easily fetch you extra money in the long run.

It’s true that if you are used to basic strategy, you may find it a little awkward to understand. But this strategy has its own benefits. This strategy is not talked about much because Edward Thorpe’s book Beat the Dealer talks about the basic strategy and not the composition-dependent strategy. Without doubt, this book had a profound impact on the popularity of Blackjack. Yet, there are other equally competent strategies like the composition-dependent strategy that can be tried out.

That said, whether or not you want to go ahead with the composition-dependent Blackjack strategy is up to you. It works, but may not work all the time. But hey, who can ever separate the risk of losing from gambling?

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