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Blackjack Basic Strategy

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I live in St. George, Utah. Regular weekend trips to Las Vegas is like a weekly chore for me and my friends. And playing Blackjack is an essential part of every such trip. We like to play other casino games like slots and Roulette too. But all of us love Blackjack the most. And each time we won or lost, luck usually got the fame or blame. However, during our last trip to Las Vegas, things changed drastically. And for good I must say.

We were all playing Blackjack Game together. I won three consecutive hands. Just to play a prank with my friends, I started pretending that I was making calculated moves. I was high on luck that evening and won a few more hands. My friends were amazed. But the dealer was not. She warned me against applying any strategies on Blackjack. I ignored her and continued acting like a Blackjack expert. Much to my surprise, she called the security and I was asked to leave the casino. Period. We all left the casino with whatever winnings we had and drove back to St. George. Everyone but me forgot about the incident.


I wanted to know why I was asked to leave. I found something really interesting about the casino incident on the Internet. Indeed, what I did back there was considered illegal by casinos. The dealer at the casino thought I was applying Blackjack Basic Strategy to take actions.

Blackjack Basic strategy is nothing but a chart of suggested moves to make after comparing your hand with the dealer’s hand. I found one quite easily on the Net. It looked difficult to understand at first, but soon I was able to follow it. It suggested that if your hand total is 17 and the dealer’s hand shows an 8, you should stand. Sounds interesting, I thought, let’s read on.

The Basic Blackjack Strategy also suggests that if your hand total is 13, 14, 15, or 16, and the dealer’s up card is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, you should not take the risk and should stand. Holy Macro! I exclaimed under my breath, I was going for a hit on all these hands to reach 21 or closest to it all along. Furthermore, according to the basic strategy if your hand total is 8, go for a hit no matter what card the dealer shows. It was making perfect sense to me. The chart was lengthy and I made a print of it to use on my next trip to Las Vegas to stun everybody there.

Everyone was excited about the chart. However, my friend Nicole suggested that I should not take the chart to the casino. It would be better to memorize the moves, to avoid trouble, she said. We tried to remember it but failed. That was the time when I suggested that we play Blackjack online and test the strategy. Everyone agreed but due to the lack of real casino-like experience, nobody was excited about playing online Blackjack. However the basic strategy worked! Yeah it did; most of the times.

I must say that from the day I started using the basic Blackjack strategy, I play more of online Blackjack. Nobody raises a finger when I refer to the strategy chart during a game online.

Now my friends have also turned fans of online blackjack. We all benefit from the Blackjack Basic Strategy. And who takes care of the casino-like fun, you may ask? Well, all of us. We get together every weekend and turn regular evenings into fun-filled events. Music, drinks, food, good friends, online Blackjack, and the basic Blackjack strategy chart make every weekend a rewarding and memorable occasion. Of course, we do visit Las Vegas to break the monotony. It is still less than a three-hour drive away!

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