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Doubling Down in Blackjack

Blackjack Cards Game Strategy

Blackjack is an extremely popular game in the online gambling circuit, and what that adds more to its popularity are some of its player-friendly rules. One such useful rule that can shift odds to the player’s side is the ‘doubling down’. It is a favorable option that allows you to make more money, when you believe that you have a rather good chance of beating the dealer by hitting one last card. This option, if used properly, can successfully reduce the house edge, and thus improving your chances of winning. But most often the players don’t know when use this strategy.

Knowing when to double down and when not to double down depends largely on your skills. Where some players prefer to trust their instincts, others resort to mathematical odds and calculations when doubling down. However, by trusting math and analyzing odds properly you could ensure more earnings from doubling down in the long run. Given below are a few options based on math and blackjack odds that would help you win more at the blackjack table:

How to Play Doubling Down in Blackjack? Rules and Tips

With a Hand value of Hard 11 – It would be sensible of you to double down at a hand value of hard 11 as there are approximately 31% chances of hitting another 10 point value card, making it a blackjack hand, which is unbeatable by the dealer. In case the dealer has a blackjack too, you will have a push and all your bets will be returned.

With a hand value of soft 11 – It is the same strategy as mention above. Please note that not all casinos would let you double down on a soft 11, but it’s advisable to follow this strategist whenever allowed.

With a hand value of 10 – Doubling down with a hand value of 10 has a good chance of improving your hand to 20 point value, which is considered a strong hand in blackjack. But there may be a push, if the dealer’s up card is either a 10, face card or an ace.

With a hand value of hard 9 – As with the hand value of 10, doubling at hard 9 has a good chance of improving your hand to 19 point value, which is a fairly powerful hand. But when the dealer’s up card is any of 8, 9, 10, face card or ace, this improves the dealer’s chance of getting a better ranking hand.

With a hand value of 8 – It is always advisable not to double down on this hand value. You’ll often find players doubling with a hand value of 8 hoping that they might improve it to an 18 value hand, but this hardly ever happens.

With a hand value higher than 11 – The right blackjack strategy here is not to double as you have approx. 31% chances to bust. The chances increase to 56% with a hand value of 12 and the odds of busting keeps on rising as the hand total grows.

With a hand value lower than 8 – Although there is bleak chance to improve your present hand into a hand strong enough to beat the dealer’s, but only if you believe that the dealer would bust, you may double down. This option is recommended only for those who use card counting strategies or have adequate blackjack playing skills.

Mastering the blackjack doubling down strategy takes a lot of practice and needless to say, testing. Make sure you have gained sufficient expertise in playing blackjack before risking your money at online blackjack avenues.

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