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Strategy for Four, Six and Eight Decks

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Blackjack Strategy Card

These days most of casinos offer Blackjack games that are played with four, six or eight decks because of the high casino advantage attached to it. Even the card counting trick cannot beat the casino in four or more deck games of Blackjack. However, there are certain basic strategies and tips that may not guarantee rewards at every step in the game but it will definitely reduce the casino edge by certain degrees. Follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to raise your odds in the game.

Blackjack Card Strategy

Almost all the best online casinos provide strategy cards for four or more deck card games. These cards provide a basic strategy on whether the player must Hit, Stand, Double or Split in a particular situation. There are two strategy cards for all four, six and eight deck of cards. One card suggests the player’s actions for the game where the dealer ‘Hits’ on the soft 17. Another card suggests the player’s actions when the dealer stays on soft 17. Simply download these strategy cards from the internet and follow the instructions on it to magnify your casino odds in the game.

Choose the game carefully:

Be smart enough to choose the right four or more deck games of Blackjack while playing at online casinos. There are two basic categories in all sorts of online Blackjack games. Certain games allow the dealer to ‘Hit’ on soft 17 while some of the games force the dealer to ‘Stand’ on soft 17. It is always easy to beat the dealer in the second category as you can still ‘Hit’ to get better totals while the dealer has to stay on soft 17.

How to use the Strategy card:

The strategy cards are very simple to use. Compare the value of the dealers hand on the horizontal axis with the value of your hand on the vertical axis. Then check the logo signifying player’s action on the intersection of these two vertical and horizontal lines. For example, according to this strategy, you must ‘Split’ if the dealer’s up card is an Ace and your hand total is 16 with a pair of 8s. Four, six and eight decks have 208, 312 and 416 cards respectively. Therefore, the chances of getting good totals for both the hands that you have split are very high.

Practice on free casino games:

Applying the basic strategy to four or more decks is not as easy it seems. So, don’t take the risk of putting your hard earned cash into the real money game. Rather, it is always wise to take trouble to practice the game with these strategy cards on the free casino games first.

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