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Single Card Deck Strategy

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Blackjack Betting Single Deck Card Strategy

Single card deck game of Blackjack is played with a standard set of 52 cards. As compared to the multiple card decks, single deck games are more popular among the players. The key reason behind its popularity is the low casino advantage attached to it. However, due to the low casino advantage very few casinos offer the single deck Blackjack game. Micro Gaming and Playtech are the two online casino software companies that provide the single deck game of Blackjack.

But remember, the benefits of low casino advantage will not come to you on its own. You need to play the game strategically if you want to reap maximum profits of a low casino edge offered by the single card deck game. To begin with, first make it clear whether the game allows the dealer to ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ on soft 17.

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The following illustration clearly suggests what moves the player must make in both the cases in the single card deck game of Blackjack.

Let’s assume that the dealer’s up card is an Ace and your card total is 17 without an Ace. In this case if the game allows the player to ‘Hit’ on the soft total of 17, it is always better to ‘Surrender’ if allowed, else ‘Stand.’ Never try to ‘Hit’ on this hand because with the hard total of 17, the scope of your going bust is quite high.

Also, don’t ever ‘Double Down’ on this hand because the dealer has the liberty to hit on 17. And with the Ace as the up card, dealer’s probability of getting a higher total is more intense. In Blackjack games where the dealer has to ‘Stand’ on the soft 17, it is always better to ‘Stand’ on this hand. The dealer cannot hit once he gets the soft total of 17 and you already have a total of 17. So if nothing else, you at least have the chance to retrieve your ante if the dealer also gets a total of 17.

You can get single deck strategy cards from book shops or can straightaway download them from the Internet. Before you start playing for real, make it a point to thoroughly understand these strategy cards and then constantly practice them on the free casino game of Blackjack first.

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