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The game of Blackjack is one of the most popular free casino games. By playing Free Blackjack Online, you can understand the rules and can devise a strategy to beat the house. The biggest advantage of playing Free Blackjack Online is that you can learn how to play the game without playing with real money. You will get the opportunity to practice a lot and you can invest real money only when you feel that you have acquired the skill to beat the house.

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Before we learn more about Free Blackjack online, it is important to focus a little on the history of Blackjack. It was as early as in the 17th century that the name ‘Blackjack’ was coined in France. Until then, the game was called “Vingt-Et-Un” (Twenty-One in French). There are some other names to Blackjack like California Aces, 21 and Pontoon. In the original Blackjack version the player draws a jack of spades followed by an ace of spades to win. Hence the name of Blackjack came into being , in effect describing the essence of the game.

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After the French revolution, Blackjack traveled all the way to the United States and became popular in casinos. The reason for its popularity is that it called for skill and luck to win which is not the case in other casino games which are based purely on luck. For instance, slots. Blackjack had its share of problems and its reputation suffered a setback, when it became a favorite hobby of criminals and mobsters. Consequently in 1910, a ban was imposed. However it continued to flourish underground, as people continued to play the game in a clandestine manner.

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Simple rules and winning strategies of the game have made the game more popular over time and today it has become a hot favorite at most casino sites. Many books have been written about Blackjack and many movies use blackjack as a prop to build up the plot. With the commercialization of casinos and the proliferation of the Internet, Blackjack became a regular feature of almost all online casinos.