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Why Card Counting Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Blackjack Card Counting

Online casinos have become very cautious ever since casinos on Vegas Street became victims of the hard-core card counting strategies employed by a group of MIT students. Since then, casinos have been enforcing curbs on Blackjack card counting.

Card counting is basically a probability theory which helps you keep track of the cards that have already been dealt and the cards that are still left in the deck. Blackjack Card counters assign certain values to high and low cards in the game. Based on their calculations of these values they find out how many high or low cards are left in the deck. This further helps them decide whether they should increase or reduce the size of their stakes based on these mathematical calculations.


But can you image getting into the never ending calculations while playing with the eight decks where the cards are shuffled after every hand of Blackjack. If you try to apply card counting in the multiple deck games of Blackjack, it will in fact leave you in a dire confusion. And instead of winning, you might just lose your precious dollars.

In the land establishments of casinos, the cards are dealt from the multiple decks that are placed in a shoe. In certain land casinos there is also an automatic shuffler attached to the shoe that shuffles the cards after every hand of Blackjack. So, card counting is not possible on the land casinos anymore.

Besides this even the online casinos employ the latest Random Number Generator tool in their software systems. A Random Number Generator is a computational device that shuffles the cards automatically. It is especially designed to deal the cards randomly from the multiple decks of cards in all the Blackjack games on online casinos. As the cards are not dealt in any discernible pattern, so card counting becomes an absolute impossibility in the game of Blackjack online.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should keep your Blackjack skills aside and lose all hopes of beating the house. If the card counting doesn’t work, it’s certainly not the end. With the basic strategy of Blackjack you can still get a decent advantage over the house in Blackjack.

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